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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

I don’t think it will come as a surprise when I tell you that you don’t need a wedding planner to get married. Lots of people have beautiful weddings without one, and the guests may never be the wiser (that is, unless you have an event planner as a guest).

I’ve had many people over the course of my career ask me, “so what do you really do?” and say things like “my brother didn’t have a planner, and his wedding seemed fine.” The truth is, wedding planners aren’t for everyone! And that’s totally okay. Asking "why?" is a perfectly legit question - there's a cost associated, so what's the value add?

You know how when you visit a tourist attraction like a museum or an art gallery, and there’s an option for a guided tour? Some people choose to pay a little more and go on the tour because they want to get the most out of the experience, and some people choose to forego the tour and figure things out for themselves. Both people have paid to get to the tourist attraction, and both people have paid the entry fee, but I guarantee you one of them had a more memorable, fulfilling experience.

I think this experience is similar to a planner vs. no-planner comparison. You can have either experience either way! You'll see the same things and you'll probably have fun, but one way optimizes your experience - you get more out of it.

Here’s a fun piece of insider knowledge about weddings and events in general, they NEVER go 100% according to plan. Someone will always be stuck in traffic, the venue will always be short a table or the ring bearer will have gotten chocolate all over his shirt right before the family photo session. This is to be expected, and it’s fine! These are all problems that can be resolved. The issue is that if you don’t have a planner, the bride, groom, MOB, MOH or some other wedding day VIP will have to take time and energy out of their day to fix it.

Wedding planners are all different, and depending on their brand, they offer different types of services. Usually, my clients want to prioritize enjoying their day with their nearest and dearest, and they don’t want to worry about anything other than having a fantastic time, surrounded by all the people they love most.

My whole brand and approach to weddings is simple – If a problem can be avoided, I’ll help you figure out how to sidestep it in advance. If it can’t, I’ll figure out how to handle it, often without bothering you.

Any good wedding planner's main priority is to help you have the best day possible. Every other vendor you hire has a role in your day, from the florist to the catering staff, but no one else will look out for you and your interests the way your planner will. Their entire job is to understand your vision and make sure it happens and then (and this is the tough part) adjust the plan when necessary, all without anyone being the wiser.

If you use an event planner, you’ll walk away having had a better overall experience than if you go it alone. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, creating the best memories is what all of this is really about. Why not have someone on your team that is prioritizing that? You'll get more out of the experience if you do.




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