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Tell Me About your Wedding Planning Packages

We offer different levels of service depending on the needs of our clients. Our most comprehensive package is Full Wedding Planning, where we work with you from start to finish on your planning process. We meet approximately every month for the 12 - 18 months leading up to your wedding. This package includes event design consulting, creation and management of a master to-do list, vendor suggestions, attendance at vendor meetings, budget tracking, floorplan creation, itinerary building and pretty much anything else wedding related. This package can be purchased with or without venue sourcing, so if you already have a venue, make sure to let us know when you make your initial inquiry. If you want some help finding the perfect space, we're happy to jump in and tour venues with you!

We also offer month-of wedding planning. This is a great option for anyone that has most of their major wedding vendors booked, but doesn't want to worry about all of the final details like vendor confirmations, itinerary creation and of course, onsite execution of the wedding itself. Our team will act as a liaison between you and your vendors, so you won't be bogged down with emails and worried about last minute confirmations during the last couple of weeks before your wedding. This package includes 3 in-person or phone meetings and a site visit as well! We always want our team to know your wedding plan inside and out, and this process is what helps us prepare. 

If your needs fall somewhere in the middle, we're more than happy to offer partial planning as well as consulting options. We'd love to talk to you about how this might work - we're very flexible, and our goal is always to create around your specific vision! 

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner? What is Your Role Exactly? 

To put it simply, everyone you hire for your wedding has a specific role, from the DJ to the venue manager. These vendors are pros at what they do and they will be putting all of their attention on making sure they do exactly what they are paid to do, often working individually, in a silo, without really understanding or focusing on the big picture success of the event. Your wedding planner is the only person on your team that fully understands the entire event plan and how everything fits together. 

A wedding can easily be an overwhelming time, and you will have a long to-do list (whether you hire a planner or not). You'll need to make guest lists, collect addresses, make song choices, manage family politics, and be available for general pre-wedding merriment! A wedding planner will help streamline and prompt this process for you, and help keep this list manageable. 


A wedding planner's role is (in-part) is to manage your expectations, propose solutions and generally keep you grounded. They are the only person on your wedding team that has this unique responsibility. 

I've had many past clients tell me that they were skeptical about a wedding planner's value add when they began their planning, but hired me anyway and felt that it was very much worth the investment after all was said and done. My goal is always to hear "I don't know how we would've pulled this off without you!" and not to brag, but I VERY often do. 

Can I hire Lexy Marie for Day-of Coordination? 

All of our packages include day-of coordination. However, please note that we do not offer a "day-of" only coordination package. If you are in the market for this, we recommend checking out the "month-of" package instead. The reason for this is simple - we want to set ourselves up for success. Our team has a tried and true method of preparing for a wedding, and it's extremely important for us to be able to implement this system to guarantee the success of your event and offer the best possible service to you. Every individual wedding is extremely important to us, and for this reason we want to make sure we're totally prepared when we head onsite.

How Many Hours will you be at the Wedding? Do you Bring Extra Staff? 


The answer to this depends on a little on the itinerary for the day. We like to describe our services as "ceremony to dancefloor". This means we will arrive in advance of the ceremony to make sure setup looks great and place any final details, and we remain onsite until the end of event programming. Our team usually departs once the dancefloor is open and the late night portion has begun. Usually, this is an 8 - 10 hour day for us, but it varies slightly depending on the itinerary. There will always be a lead planner and at least one assistant onsite with you at the event. Sometimes, additional staff that are required earlier in the day will head home before the reception, sometimes multiple staff will stay for the duration. We staff events based on the specifics of the itinerary and guest count.

Is A Planner Worth the Price? 

Budget will always be one of the largest considerations when making decisions about your wedding. A planner can often save you money long-term, or at least help you plan for expenses so that they are a little less scary when they do arise. Your wedding planner should not be the first thing you cut if you're concerned about budget, it should be the last. 


If a problem can be avoided, your planner will help you figure out how to sidestep it in advance of your wedding. If it can’t, your planner will figure out how to handle it on the fly. Budget problems and unexpected charges are one of the issues we actively want to help you avoid. Your planner is on your side when it comes to budget! In addition, one of the key elements of a wedding planner's role is to make sure that you get what you pay for, help you avoid unnecessary up-selling and anticipate and sidestep unexpected costs throughout your planning process. A creative planner will often have great ideas about how to be efficient with money, advise you where to spend and where to save and connect you with vendors that are suitable for your price-point. 

The sky is the limit with weddings and budget, but I am a firm believer in making practical, economical decisions regardless of the scale of your spending. Even expensive weddings should be thoughtfully budgeted. My goal is always to create realistic expectations and help you to prioritize so you understand the difference between "needs", "wants" and "nice to haves".

How Much Should I Budget for My Wedding? 


This is such a tough question to answer in a ballpark way because there truly is so much variation in venue, style, catering, vendors, etc. Our clients usually budget at least $300/guest at minimum for a Toronto wedding. We work with talented, reputable venues and vendors and while our job is to work with you on budget, we also want to manage expectations up front. We will be the first to tell you that weddings are expensive, and we understand that Pinterest doesn't come with price tags! As well, we want to ensure our clients are accounting for gratuity, service fees, catering rentals, and all of those other little costs that don't immediately come to mind when building out their budget. We always aim to show you options in different price points, and we're prepared to be creative, but there are certain non-negotiable costs associated with weddings, and so much depends on your personal taste and the decisions you make. 

How Long Does Planning a Wedding Take? 

Theoretically, a wedding can be planned in as little as a few months, but please note that we love when our full planning clients reach out to us 12 - 18 months before their dream date or season. If you're a "Saturday in the Summer" bride, begin your planning at least 12 months out so that you have reasonable selection of venues. Our preferred timeline for Full Planning is about 14 - 15 months. We always want to be efficient with our time, make our meetings worthwhile, and be considerate of our go-to vendors. This means not rushing if we can possibly avoid it. If you want a summer wedding for example, it's a great idea to secure your full wedding planner and your venue during Spring of the previous year. If you're looking for month-of planning, book your month-of planner at least 4 - 6 months before your date, and earlier if you want to have more options for availability. 


Do You Setup and Tear Down the Weddings that you Plan? 

There are many wedding day elements we're happy to setup and tear down. If you have menus, favours, receiving table items, welcome table items, programs, place cards, etc. we're more than happy to assist! We'll even help with decor setup and styling provided logistics are in place for us to do so. We often even place ceremony aisle candles, or votives on the tables. Near the end of the evening, we also pack up and organize event items for you such as extra favours, welcome table items, your guest book, table numbers, etc. We want to make it easy for you or a family member to grab your belongings and head out once the festivities have come to an end. Please note that while we are happy to help with styling and even moving items from ceremony to reception, we are not a decor company and do not have the means to dismantle or pack up larger installed items, large floral arrangements, rental items, furniture, centerpieces, etc. 

Are You Willing to Travel? 

We're more than happy to travel for events! Our team is completely passionate about destination weddings. However, we always want to provide the best possible service, so we'd like to meet with you first to make sure we're a good fit for your unique event. Contact us to set up a time to chat. 

What Are Your Fees? 

Our planning fees vary depending on the complexity of the wedding, the number or guests, how many onsite staff will be required, the type of package and level of service, etc.

Generally, our packages start around $1600 for month-of, and about $5500 for full planning, but this varies based on specific needs, season, day of the week, etc. 


Please get in touch with us and we'll be more than happy to check on availability and make customized recommendations for you based on the unique requirements of your event. 

If you have a question that you didn't find the answer to, or if you'd like to get in touch to chat about bringing your event to life, please feel free to contact us.

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